A unique and modern fragrance for a home for a confident man. A unique combination of wood notes with accents of freshness, will emphasize originality, emphasize the individual character of each man, a fragrance that will remain in your memory for a long time.


Inspired By: Hugo Boss Bottled


Head note: Stimulating the senses of lemon, bergamot and cherry blossom, as well as a delicate note of plum emphasize the modernity of a perfectly composed fragrance.

Heart note: The uniqueness and a very delicate hint of cinnamon distinguishes this fragrance from many others, mahogany oil emphasizes the woody notes of the fragrance, and cloves and their specific aroma complement the uniqueness and uniqueness of this fragrance.

Base note: delicately woody accents of sandalwood and cedar emphasize the expressiveness of a modern fragrance, interspersed with notes of vanilla and olive, which will enliven any interior.


First Way 100ml

SKU: 00008
  • An interior perfume with a 10% fragrance and a capacity of 100 ml will fill any room with a beautiful and original fragrance for several hours. The aromatic oils used are also used in high-class perfumes, thanks to which the quality and durability exceeds most of the interior fragrances