Extremely fresh and lively men's fragrance will awaken and enliven the interior of any home. Its dynamism and energy that accompanies it from the very first note will not allow the room to be boring, it will give it vitality and dynamics from the very first moments.


Inspired By: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport


Head note: Refreshing lemon and mint, combined with bergamot, exotic fruits that add enthusiasm and temperament, will allow you to relax even after a hard and tiring day.

Heart note: After the refreshing notes from the very top of the fragrance pyramid, the perfume will take us to subdued but dynamic notes of jasmine, ginger and rosewood.

Base note: The fragrance is complemented by masculine accents of cedar, sandalwood and musk, extremely desirable among perfumers.


Refreshment 100ml

SKU: 00006
  • An interior perfume with a 10% fragrance and a capacity of 100 ml will fill any room with a beautiful and original fragrance for several hours. The aromatic oils used are also used in high-class perfumes, thanks to which the quality and durability exceeds most of the interior fragrances