A sophisticated men's home fragrance for men who want to emphasize their personality and vitality. This perfume, full of energy and good taste, will enliven any apartment, giving it a unique style and class. A stimulating, fresh and crisp fragrance perfect for a good start to the day.


Inspired By: Hugo Boss Energise


Head note: the uniqueness of the mandarin and lemon used in the fragrance will make it stand out from the others, adding mint and a few accents of pepper will allow you to enjoy freshness for a long time.

Heart note: Originality is given by the combination of several herbs, including nutmeg, sage and cardamom, complemented by jasmine and freesia flowers.

Base note: the exotic and uniqueness of the perfume at the base of the fragrance will give notes of teak wood and nubk with dominant notes of vanilla.


Independent 100ml

SKU: 00002
  • An interior perfume with a 10% fragrance and a capacity of 100 ml will fill any room with a beautiful and original fragrance for several hours. The aromatic oils used are also used in high-class perfumes, thanks to which the quality and durability exceeds most of the interior fragrances