A lively, fresh and light fragrance that gives an interior of your choice an energetic and sporty character. It reveals a personality full of ambitions and goals that you are determined to reach.


Inspired By: Lacoste Style in Play


Top notes: Vigorous floral and green apple accents will release freshness in the first moment

Heart notes: After a few moments, the fragrance will surprise you with the intensity of jasmine and like the well-known cedar, and the uniqueness of pine oil.

Base notes: A good smell in a man's environment cannot do without the uniqueness of patchouli


Go For More 100ml

SKU: 00011
  • An interior perfume with a 10% fragrance and a capacity of 100 ml will fill any room with a beautiful and original fragrance for several hours. The aromatic oils used are also used in high-class perfumes, thanks to which the quality and durability exceeds most of the interior fragrances.